Window Cleaning Plus complete cleaning jobs of all sizes, from small boutique work to large commercial projects.

We can carry out specialised and technical work, including working at heights and have a large team that allows us to complete jobs quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your business. We offer and provide one off cleaning solutions and can also offer scheduled cleaning services to ensure your business is well presented for your customers all the time.

Window Cleaning Plus offer the following commercial services:

Inside and out, we clean windows to the highest standard every time, ensuring a sparkling streak free finish. We use the best products and equipment available on the market. No window is too high for our highly qualified staff. We can complete your window cleaning requirements as a one-off job or can organise a scheduled cleaning programme for you. This takes the hassle out of re-booking and helps you keep on top of your windows ensuring they are sparkling clean all year round.

When cleaning your windows, we use the latest technology with a pure water cleaning system. This ensures you are left with streak and spot free windows.

To increase the longevity of your building finish it is important to clean the outside of your business on an annual basis. We take care of this for you by washing your building with a soft brush and chemical, taking extra care to ensure the current condition of your paint work is not affected.

Do you have moss build up or slippery outside surfaces that need attention? We can take care of these for you by water blasting the affected areas. Most commonly we water blast driveways, paths and fences. As an extra we can also treat surfaces for moss and mould protection to inhibit its return.

We offer window, frame cleaning and exterior wash down services upon completion of new builds or renovations. This ensures the occupants can simply move in and enjoy their new building.

Gutters and roofs should be cleaned out annually to help protect your building from water damage and prevent any drain blockages. We clean all gutters by hand, unless there is a health and safety issue preventing us from doing this. All refuse is removed from the property.

After a building wash we recommend our customers consider having their property sprayed for bugs and insects. This helps prevent the return of cobwebs and spiders, keeping your building looking sharper for longer.

Do you have moss build up or slippery outside surfaces that need attention? We can take care of these for you, spraying roofs, paths, decks, exterior tiles and pavers. We recommend you water blast the affected areas first and treat the surfaces for moss, lichen, and mould protection to inhibit its return.

Do you currently have unsightly water spots on your windows? Let us take care of these. Mineral and chemical build up from sprinkler over spray, oxidation or hard water spray on the glass can cause unsightly water marks. Our specialised process removes and protects your glass. Although not all glass can be restored, restoration can be a cost-effective alternative to glass replacement.

We always wipe and leave frames clean as we found them ensuring the bottom sill is dry. We also offer a full deep clean window frame cleaning service, so when you open your windows you have a clean window frame to view. To take advantage of this service, which is easily completed at the same time we clean your windows, let the team know when booking in for your window clean. We recommend you do this every six to twelve months.

Take the hassle out of your business cleaning needs, let us design and a tailor a 12-month cleaning plan to cover every aspect of your business. Together we agree on the regularity and extensiveness, ensuring your business looks amazing all year round… More about our cleaning programmes

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